Speciality Spirits is an independent spirits distribution business, featuring sole UK distribution of major brands such as Vodquila.  Founded in 2015, Speciality Spirits has quickly expanded its portfolio, and is one of the most reputable spirit distributors in the UK.

Launched in Jersey, the business has gone from strength to strength as new products such as Laplandia Vodka & Cleveland Underground have been brought on board to compliment the success of the Vodquila brand.

We are continually seeking new brands, and new retail opportunities, therefore if you would like to discuss a new venture with us, please feel free to get in touch.

With a strong focus on customer service, from individual one off purchases to mass buying trade accounts; Speciality Spirits never fails to deliver a top quality product in a professional and proficient way. Hence why, customers who shop with Speciality Spirits, always come back.


So the story begins, a hybrid drink that really means business… A drink that has an undoubtedly distinct and delicious taste… A drink that owns its place on the bar, and in nightclubs around the worlds. Vodquila – the blend of brilliance from father and daughter duo, Chander and Nina Arora.

Vodquila came about from an evening of mixing cocktails.  Concocting tasty tipples and mixing magnificent cocktails is something that came naturally to Chander and as his daughter.  Nina took some time away from her studies to see what her dad was whipping up, she turned her attention to what combinations would work for a brand new hybrid drink.  Finally, after plenty of mixing, testing and tasting, the boldest blend of all came to fruition; the vivacious taste of Vodquila.